Simply put, accounting/bookkeeping is the categorization of your business conduct over a specified period of time.   Usually review is based on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.  The purpose of categorizaing this information serves several purposes (1) budgeting, (2) regulatory requirements, and (3) internal review or for auditing purposes.  At BRMC we also see  this as the window to the soul of your company.  When properly reviewed and catagorized it tells the story of your business and how it operates.  Proper accounting techniques based on GAAP, Internal Revenue Code interpretations, and standands and guidelines based on your business sectors  provides an unbiased viewpoint of a companies conduct in the performance of its core service or productgs, and its allocation of resources, treatment of expenses, and its viewpoint of the future.    

We utilize current software to maintian our clients accounting information, which is used for budgeting, analysis, financial planning, and preparation of mandatory federal and state information.     


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