Who We Are

Florence J. Bey, Ph.D.

As Director of Research and Development, Florence Bey is responsible for identifying, planning, executing, and evaluating new programs for BRMC clients. She promotes cutting-edge, project appropriate procedures for data collection and review. Her goal is to assist clients in visualizing projects from inception to completion and to provide support should difficult situations arise, Dr. Bey determines the feasibility of activities considering the historical perspective juxtaposed client resources, current political, economic and social climates and success models with like or similar characteristics. Her goal is to present an honest evaluation so clients are satisfied with their their decision and confident in their ability to bring the project to a successful completion.

With degrees from Hampton University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and George Mason University, Dr. Bey has worked in both secondary and post-secondary academic setting. She has chaired departments, managed federally sponsored programs, created programs, and serviced on academic accreditation committees.

George L. Bey- Director, Supportive Services

As director of supportive services, George L. Bey is responsible for managing the fiscal component of BRMC and for providing financial management services to individual, corporate clients, and non-profit groups. As manager of the tax preparation component of the company he evaluates tax preparation programs, reviews changes in tax statutes, and serves as liaison to payroll preparation and third-party submissions to federal and state departments of taxation. He is also responsible for payroll preparation and third-party submissions to federal and state entities, in addition to providing fiscal reviews and compliance audits when required.

With an accounting degree from Virginia Union University, and further study at Virginia State University, Mr. Bey has managed programs in both the public and private sectors with special attention to minority and small-business inclusion and contract compliance.

Rashaad T. Bey, JD-Vice-President and Director of Client Management

As Director of Client Management, he works preparing a Technical Cost Proposal when responding to RFPs from government agencies or private organizations. In addition, he serves on the in-person response team when additional project information is requested.

With degrees from the University of Virginia and  Western Michigan State Law School, he has worked in the Department of Supportive Services with business entities and not-for-profit groups to gain and maintain sustainability.