All successful companies know that it is just as important to perform administrative obligations as it is to perform their core services.  To that end we ensure that our clients continue to perform at a high level.  Below is a listing of some of the services our Departments provide.


As a consortium of highly educated, thoroughly trained, culturally competent, and real-world experienced professionals, BRMC lends its expertise in the following areas:

Administrative Management and General Management Services

Accounting/Fiscal Consulting

Research, Development and Consulting in the Social Services, Humanities, and Education

Education, Research and Consulting

Contract Compliance


As a firm of professionals who remain keenly aware of changes in social, political, and economic environments, we deliver the following:

Management services which are efficient and effective in design, implementation, and evaluation methodology.

Accounting practices which meet national standards and best industry standards and expectations.

Research  which is informed by the best traditions in quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Consulting and development approaches that are sensitive to the requirements of a  globalized society.

Contract compliance that is thorough and informed by legal and ethical directives and practices.

Carefully gathering, organizing, interpreting, and summarizing data.

Using audit and other risk evaluation techniques to monitor compliance and to identify areas of vulnerability and risk.

Helping clients build capacity and sustainability by ensuring compliance with third party requirements.

Recommending strategies and/or systems for collecting and maintaining data to support client needs.

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